Amanda Ferris is a solution-finding entrepreneur and author from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With a strong influence from personal development books from an early age, she has always been on the lookout for opportunities to add value to the world. Through her parents’ guidance and encouragement, she was challenged to create and present proposals of her ideas as early as age five.  Starting her career assisting in her mother’s daycare, she learned how to build curriculum teaching children in a playful, memorable way.  Soon after, Mandy worked her way from what began as a summer job at a neighborhood restaurant to over ten years of management, service training, and consulting in the hospitality industry.  

Mandy is known for her high energy and creativity.  Her dedication to lifelong learning and the pay-it-forward philosophy truly shines in her training and development programs, and as an alumnus of the program, she also volunteers with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based organization that helps high school students prepare for their future careers and entrepreneurship. Mandy is an executive coach and business consultant, pin-up artist, voice-over talent, enjoys traveling the world, cooking, and soaking up the outdoors in her free time.